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  • WhoopAnt

    Anthony "WhoopAnt" is Gavin Derousseau's roommate at the Claremont Academy. WhoopAnt has a geometrically inverse strength to size ratio, the smaller he gets, the stronger. In his smaller sizes WhoopAnt has been know to fly.

  • William Henry Brested "The Windy City Wizard"

    William is Claremont Academy's floor Resident Assistant. William has demonstrated a deep mystical connection with RA and other gods from the Egyptian pantheon, the ability to teleport over great distances, and a freaky ability to short out electronics.

  • Dbol

    Dbol is a massive being. Just a wall of steroid rippling muscle and rage.

  • Gavin "Goliath" DeRousseau

    Gavin is a lanky punk with an aptitude for fabrication. His suit, Goliath, is a re-purposed hazardous environment powered suit with some custom features. Gavin's roommate at Claremont is [[:whoopant | WhoopAnt]].

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